Our team, who we call partners, are at the heart of what makes Benevolus.

We believe in treating our partners with respect and dignity. Benevolus is committed to doing business responsibly and conducting ourselves in ways that earn the trust and respect of our customers, partners and clients.

Our story began in 2012. Back then we were a small team of sales reps running a small campaign for one client reaching only hundreds of their customers.

Today, based on the results we brought that client we are privileged to connect thousands of their customers with the exceptional services they offer and in turn has given us a chance to grow nationally and with multiple clients.

Benevolus Sets The Bar High For Employee Performance

Through classroom, hands on, and online training, we give our staff what they need to succeed.

We’re a team who embody the united values:





We’re filled with an insatiable need to explore, to grow, to conquer, to constantly prove we’re the best. Being a Benevolus team member also means being a part of excitement and exclusive opportunities.

Want to create a winning company culture? Here are some tips from a 2016 Best & Brightest company 🏆

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If you don’t believe Benevolus is much more than your typical marketing firm, Best and Brightest Companies to Work for gave us their stamp of approval, so you can take their word for it … or, apply and see for yourself.

We are growing fast: there are plenty of opportunities for talented, hard-working people to grow with us.


Benevolus has been described as a lot of things… ‘an outstanding experience,’ ‘a second family,’ ‘an opportunity for professional growth’ … all the makings of a coveted culture. You have to experience it to believe it.


We pride ourselves on working with some of the largest clients in the world and providing a team to match those standards. We understand that in order to do so we must provide our team with the resources and tools they need in order to succeed. As a Benevolus team member you will receive:

Individualized Training
One-on-One Mentorship
National/ International Travel Opportunities
Increased Communication & Problem Solving Skills
Experience Learning How to Conduct Meetings & Conference Calls
Opportunities to Coach, Develop & Help Others
Training in Interviewing & Human Resources

Brand Management & SEO Training

Opportunities to Attend Business & Philanthropic Events
Paid Bonuses


We are currently hiring Entry Level Account Representatives.  Everyone in our company starts in this position, which has opportunities to grow into administrative, management, and consulting roles.

We strongly believe that every one of our people should be equipped with the advanced people skills that the position teaches. As our organization expands, our people will be elevated to fill the inevitable leadership roles that are created. As a result, we tend to attract over-achievers and high-performing individuals.

If you feel this describes you, please apply here: